The Wonderful Things About Toddlers…

I have been working in the toddler room at the daycare center more often then I used to.  I forgot just how fun toddlers can be! Not only are they natural comedians, but they thrive on routine so can be quit predictable, if you know what to look for. The bonus about being predictable is the fact that you can sometimes curb unwanted behaviours, help to make potty training easier on both the child and caregiver amongst other things.  

Transitions always seem to be a challenge with toddlers. They are at the age where they want more independence but aren’t quite able to comprehend consequences. It is our job as caregivers to give the children the proper tools to be able to navigate their world in a safe manner. We need to provide them tools to also be able to communicate efficiently with the people around them. 

One of the ways that I enjoy teaching the children is through songs and rhyming action stories. Circle time isn’t the only time that songs can be useful. They can be used during transition times, during washroom routines, home time, arrival time and many more situations that may arise. The key is to keep it simple. Simple language paired with simple actions. Repetition in both words and actions help the children to remember each song. Below are some examples of the songs we sing in the toddler room: 

Rolly Polly 
Rolly Polly, Rolly Polly up, up ,up! 

Up, up, up! (Roll your arms around in a circle, then use hands to push up up up) 

Rolly Rolly Polly , Rolly Rolly Polly , down ,down , down! (Roll your arms around eachother in a circle, use your hands to push down , down, down) 

Rolly Polly, Rolly Polly, (insert any other action. Example, out , in, side to side . There are needless variations) 

Miss Molly 

 Miss Molly had a dolly who was sick , sick, sick ! (Rock your arms as if rocking a baby) So she called for the Doctor to come quick, quick, quick! (Use hand to pretend to make a phone call, holding your hand to your ear)  The doctor can with his bag and his hat (hold hand up as if holding a bag, point to head as if wearing a hat) and he knocked on the door with a ratty-tat-tat! (Knock on the floor or wall)  He looked at the dolly and he shook his head and he said “Miss Molly put her straight to bed!” (Wave finger in front of you like you’re getting someone in trouble) He wrote on a paper for a pill, pill, pill. ( Hold one hand up straight to signify a piece of paper, use other to ‘write’ on paper) Ill be back in the morning with the bill , bill, bill! (everyone together) BYE DOCTOR!!  

The key to getting through to toddlers is to observe their behaviours, learn  their routine and go with the toddler flow. Oh yes, and never stop signing! 

💓Miss Genevieve 💓

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If a Baby’s crying, Pick him up! (Unless, of course, you need to step away…) 

There’s a belief that if you respond to a baby every time they cry, that you will “spoil” them. That if your baby cries , you should simply leave them alone to figure out it’s own problems, until the baby stops crying.

Let me break that down: if your infant who 0-12 months ago was tucked into a safe warm , perfectly tailored whomb,  never cold hungry ect, cries (which is their only means of communication) do NOT respond to their needs! Do NOT comfort them and definitely don’t reassure them that they are not alone in this big world (*object permanence ) that they are safe and they can trust the adults in their life.

Before I go any further, I need to talk about something very important. Regardless of anything I’ve said , if you feel at any moment too overwhelmed or too upset or even angry, put the baby in a safe spot ie crib, playpen, and walk away for a moment. Count to ten, sing out loud, listen to music, scream into a pillow, BREATH! Once you have collected yourself, go to your child. Go to your sweet baby and pick them up. Make sure you enter the room with confidence and a calm prescence. Talk to them, sing to them remember who they are and that they need you. They aren’t trying to make you upset and that this too shall pass. Never ever be afraid to ask for help if you can! Don’t be stubborn or too proud. Everyone needs and deserves help and support .